Registration terms for the newsletter

Who is responsible for the newsletter?
The newsletter is a service offered Coop Danmark A/S (CVR-no. 26 25 94 95), Roskildevej 65, 2620 Albertslund, Denmark.

Coop Danmark owns the retail chains Kvickly, SuperBrugsen, Brugsen, Irma and 365discount.

Coop Danmark is responsible for processing the data and sending the newsletter. Consequently, no matter whether you have signed up for the newsletter via Coop Danmark's website or the website of one of our chains the data provided by you is stored centrally by Coop Danmark.

Which data do you need?
If you have already signed up for a newsletter in one chain or in one area of interest and then sign up for email service in another chain or another area of interest and you use the same email address for the two sign ups, the central storage of your data by Coop Danmark means that you do not need to enter your data again.

What is my data used for?
When you sign up for the newsletter and give us data about yourself, e.g. your name, your physical address or your email address, we reserve the right to use that data. We use the data submitted by you to give you a better service so that you can receive news on topics, which are of interest to you and fit your profile.

You will only receive offers and other marketing and/or news regarding those chains and/or those areas of interest that you have signed up for. Furthermore from time to time you may receive an explanatory email if there are changes with respect to the newsletter itself (for example changes in mail frequency, changes in areas of interest or similar changes).

How often will I receive the newsletter?
Generally, we will send you the newsletter when we have something new to tell you within the areas of interest that you specified upon registration. So the email frequency will differ depending on the areas of interest you have chosen.

We strive to limit the number of newsletters but the more interests you have signed up for the more often you will receive a newsletter. You can read about the mailing rate of the individual interest areas by clicking on the name of each of the interest areas.

Is my data secure and confidential?
The data we record about you is kept strictly confidential. It will not be sold or disclosed to third parties.

Your data is secured by our implementation of technical solutions that help keep your data secure and updated. In addition, our database server is securely locked away and protected by modern alarm systems. There is no access from the Internet to our database.

Can I change my data or unsubscribe?
You can change your personal data or chosen areas of interest or unsubscribe the newsletter entirely at any time. You do this very simply from the front page of the newsletter.

We make reservations for errors and omissions, delivery failures, sold-out situations, VAT and tax changes and technical difficulties and breakdowns, which make it impossible to use our Internet services and receive the newsletter.